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Yay, we're here! Welcome to Open Source Bridge 2014!

Today's Schedule

Registration opens at 8am. We'll have breakfast pastries from Sweetpea Baking and coffee to get you started.

Our morning keynote and announcements will kick off this morning at 9am. Today's keynote is "It's Dangerous to Go Alone: Battling the Invisible Monsters in Tech" by Julie Pagano. "It can be hard to focus on your love of coding when you are regularly battling invisible issues like insecurity, anxiety, and lack of confidence. This talk will identify invisible issues programmers struggle with, talk about their impact, discuss personal experiences dealing with them, and share some tools useful in fighting back."

The rest of today's sessions begin at 10am. Find the full schedule here:

Today's lunch is provided by Los Gorditos, a family-run Mexican restaurant that always cooks up something special for us. Follow the signs around the building to our lunch area, or ask a volunteer to point you in the right direction.

The schedule day will wrap up with "Knitting for Programmers" at 5:45pm. Rumor has it that knitting may also occur in the Hacker Lounge at a variety of times, but this session will help you learn if you're just getting started.

Tonight in the Hacker Lounge, we'll have an opening reception and project demos to see. Art and Lights by Cat and Bill (also a Tuesday session), Firefox OS, and OpenHatch will all be participating. Come by for just a bit on your way to dinner, or stay for the evening. Hacker Lounge activities are open to all regular attendees as well as Community Pass holders. If you have a friend who'd like to join us, encourage them to register for a free community pass online.

Announcements and Reminders

Need a moment to yourself? We have a quiet room for you to use. It's in the library in room 301A. If you find massage relaxing, chair massage will be available during the day today from 9-5.

Open Source Citizenship Award nominations are open for 2014! Take a moment to let us know about a conference participant who helps or inspires you, and sincerely represents the spirit of Open Source Bridge. You have from now until Thursday afternoon to make your entries. This year's recipient will be announced at the party on Thursday evening.

We have some bright and shiny policies for you to read! Whether this is your first time at Open Source Bridge or not, please review our Code of Conduct and Recording Policy. New this year are colored-coded lanyards to let us each indicate whether we would like to be photographed. Get the color that matches your preference at registration, and please be observant of other attendees' preferences. If you have any questions or issues around Code of Conduct or recording issues, find an organizer (their nametag will say "Organizer" on it) or a volunteer in a green Citizen Volunteer shirt.

Want to share your favorite moments from the conference? Tag them #osb14 on your favorite social network so we can share the fun.

Volunteers Needed

We still need session chair volunteers throughout the next three days. You can sign up by stopping by the volunteer lounge in 202A, or email for more information.

Thank You Sponsors!

Thank you to this year's sponsors for supporting our event! They are: Hacker Lounge sponsor Intel, party sponsors Automattic and Mandrill, Advocate sponsors Rentrak and Mozilla; and other Citizens and Friends.

Have a great day, and thank you for joining us this year!