Open Source Bridge Planning Meeting: February 5

This year is Open Source Bridge’s 10th anniversary. Want to help plan how we celebrate? Join us at 6 PM on February 5 at Customs House.

We’re especially looking for volunteers to help with:

  • Content (including reading and evaluating speakers’ proposals)
  • Logistics (especially for our party!)
  • Fundraising (including reaching out to potential sponsors)
  • Volunteers (coordinating)

And if there’s anything you know needs to happen at Open Source Bridge this year, come and tell us about it! With your help, we can make Open Source Bridge 10 a festival to remember!

Safety First PDX Office Hours: Oct. 31

Safety First PDX is holding an online office hours session on Tuesday, October 31 from Noon to 2 PM Pacific.

Safety First PDX is a program to help people create safer and more welcoming communities through good policies and actions. We teach people how to implement and enforce a code of conduct.

This office hours session is focused on answering questions you might have encountered in our trainings or in the communities you organize. Come ask us questions and find out about our workshops and online materials.
Please join us online in our Google Hangout on October 31 at Noon!

Give your talk at Open Source Bridge!

It’s your time! Open Source Bridge is an annual 4-day community conference in its ninth year, hosting 500 open source developers, hardware hackers, and community organizers. OSB is well known for being 100% volunteer run and fostering an in-person community in the open source world right here in Portland, OR. And we want you to submit a proposal.

The power of open source software is in the commitment, ambition, and vision of real people working individually and collaboratively to create tools that shape how the future is built — with no strings attached. To cover a variety of ways that power is demonstrated, we aim to provide an innovative track structure at OSB. The 2017 Open Source Bridge tracks are:

  • Activism | Demonstrate how you’re making change
  • Culture | What makes open technology and culture communities effective?
  • Hacks | It doesn’t have to be elegant, it just has to work 😉
  • Practice | How do you get a project to work
  • Theory | Explain the components of a project and how they interact

While you’re welcome to submit a proposal to speak on anything open source, here are a few topics that we thought would be compelling in 2017.

  • Open source tools for game development
  • Security: tools that make it easier for non-technical audiences to manage their own security / privacy
  • Git for open source, version control, and other tools for working together
  • Fun hardware hacks
  • Information Technology Operations (Devops)
  • The social and physical dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • An introduction to Threat Modeling

See what others have proposed already, for inspiration.

Submit a proposal to be considered to speak at Open Source Bridge this year!

P.S. There’s plenty of other ways to get involved. OSB is 100% volunteer-run, so your help would be 100% appreciated, and 8 hours of volunteering gets you a free ticket to the conference. Let’s meet up at Open Source Bridge 2017!


Sara Jensen and Gaba Rodriguez Beron join the board

In October, we put out a call for new Stumptown Syndicate board members and were impressed by the caliber of applicants. Thank you to everyone who responded!

We’re now thrilled to welcome two additions to the board: Sara Jensen and Gaba Rodriguez Beron.

Sara Jensen (Secretary)
Sara Jensen is a newly minted developer and Epicodus alumni who’s currently participating in the Fall/Winter Hack Oregon program as a Design Lead on the Portland Homelessness Team. Through February 2017, she will have interned with Premise Data. Previously, Sara worked in Quality Assurance and Tech Support for She enjoys Android development, planning and retrospecting for social good.

Gaba Rodriguez Beron
Gabriela Rodriguez Beron grew up in Uruguay before moving to the US and has been a software engineer for almost 20 years. Gaba founded DATA, an open data non-profit in South America, and currently works with the Coral Project, building tools and guides to improve community spaces around journalism online. She also contributes to Systerserver and facilitates the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. Gaba is a feminist, activist, and mom to two kids.

Thursday Bram, Elea Chang, Ed Groth, and Briar Rose Schreiber will continue serving the remaining two years of their term, while Syndicate co-founder Reid Beels embarked on another three-year term. Elea has been elected as this year’s President.

Meanwhile, Christie Koehler completed her last three-year term and is stepping back for a much-deserved break. Besides co-founding Stumptown Syndicate in 2010, Christie also served as President, Treasurer, OSB chair, and countless other positions over the years. We are hugely grateful for all her incredible work and say with giant emphasis: thank you.

End of the Year Recap

Stumptown Syndicate has been busy this year, both with existing programs and new events.

At the end of 2015, we brought in five new board members, more than doubling the board’s size. This step has made Stumptown Syndicate a more sustainable organization, better able to help grow the Portland tech and maker community.

Some of the highlights from 2016 include:

  • Open Source Bridge: Four hundred attendees joined us for four days of Open Source Bridge. We even managed to surprise chair emeritus Christie Koehler with a birthday cake.
  • Resolution Fest: Stumptown Syndicate took part in the week-long festival that highlighted the Portland communities reimagining landscape of the tech industry. We screened two local films on Documentary Night, tabled at the Feminist Zine Pop-up Shop, and sponsored Affect Conf.
  • Ignite Portland: Ignite Portland returned from hiatus this year and was a resounding success, with more than two hundred folks attending. The Ignite Portland planning team is already working on a 2017 event.

We expect 2017 to bring new challenges. The Syndicate’s work on creating safer spaces is crucial and we will be building on the Citizen Code of Conduct and Safety First PDX in the year to come.

None of our work is possible without your support, though. As a community-based nonprofit, we rely on donations to continue our programs.

Please consider donating to Stumptown Syndicate to help us go into 2017 ready for new challenges. Each dollar you give boosts the inclusivity and resilience of Portland’s tech and maker communities, creating new opportunities for all of us.

We’re seeking a Treasurer

Stumptown Syndicate is looking for a Treasurer! If you’re good with numbers and like making reports, this would be a great way for you to have a positive impact on our programs. Read on for details and email if you’re interested in applying!

Job Description

The treasurer manages and reports on the organization finances.

The treasurer is responsible to the board and to the organization funders for revenue received and expenses paid. The treasurer is also the interpreter of the organization’s financial data for the board.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintains and monitors bank accounts
  • Ensures timely and accurate preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Interprets the information found in the statements for the board
  • Assists in the preparation of the budget
  • Monitors the budget
  • Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures
  • Determines policies are being followed
  • Performs bookkeeping via Xero
  • Works with secretary and our CPA to prepare and submit required tax filings
  • Oversees accounts receivable and accounts payable


  • Ability to perform basic bookkeeping and other financial tasks in Xero
  • Know how to create and reconcile budgets
  • Know how to create financial statements (from Xero)
  • Ability to work with Secretary and CPA to prepare required tax filings
  • Accounting skills sufficient to manage accounts payable and receivable
  • Local to Portland, Oregon area

Time Commitment

  • Average of 2-3 hours a week
  • Attendance at monthly board meetings, when needed


Presently the Treasurer role has been an unpaid volunteer one fulfilled by one of our volunteer directors. However, we recognize the time and skills required may make an unpaid commitment unfeasible. If you’re interested in serving as Treasurer, but would need a stipend or other compensation to do so, please let us know.

How to Apply

Email letting us know you’re interested. Please introduce yourself, let know know what your background with bookkeeping and accounting is, and if you’ve served in a similar capacity with any other organizations.

What your support helped us do in 2015

At the end of 2014 we raised around $30k from you, our amazing supporters, for an improved experience at Open Source Bridge and for a new Stumptown Syndicate initiative.

Where did all that money go? Here’s how your generous donations made a difference in our community:

  • $5k — We developed a travel fund for Open Source Bridge speakers, enabling five speakers to come who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.
  • $5k — We added childcare to allow more parents to be part of the conference.
  • $15k — Video got an upgrade with ConFreaks, so you can enjoy OSB15 over and over again in the comfort of your home.
  • $5k — We created Safety First, a program to help people better understand Codes of Conduct: what they are, why they’re needed, and how they’re enforced.

Thank you all for your generous support! If you would like to contribute to our upcoming endeavors, check our Open Source Bridge prospectus (pdf) or donate to Stumptown Syndicate here.

Presenting Safety First PDX!

Stumptown Syndicate is excited to announce a new program: Safety First PDX! Safety First is designed to help people better understand Codes of Conduct, from what they are, to why they’re needed, and how they’re enforced.

We’re planning to hold at least four community training sessions in the Portland area this year. We’re also creating an online resource to share our educational materials at

Want to be involved?

To run Safety First PDX, we’ll need venues, workshop trainers, and a small team to develop the curriculum. The cost of running the program in 2016 will be approximately $75,000. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please reach out to us at

We also need volunteers to write documentation, plan training events, and work on our program website. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.

If you want to know when the first training will be held or stay in the loop with other program announcements, sign up for our mailing list.

Our hope is that Safety First sparks similar initiatives in other communities through this work. We’d love to have your support in making Portland a more inclusive tech and maker community.

Welcome 2016 Board of Directors

At the end of November, we held elections for our Board of Directors. We received an overwhelming number of excellent applications; thank you to everyone who applied!

We’re pleased to announce the following new Stumptown Syndicate board members, who have committed to serving three-year terms: Briar Rose Schreiber, Parker Harris Emerson, Ed Groth, Lennon Day-Reynolds, Elea Chang, and Thursday Bram.

Christie Koehler and Reid Beels will continue serving the remainder of their three-year terms.

Kirsten Comandich completed her three-year term and is taking a break from board service. We’re hugely thankful for her dedicated service for these last several years, including as Treasurer and Secretary.

Chuck Lauer Vose stepped down from the board late last year to concentrate on other things. Thanks also to Chuck for his service!

Read on to learn more about our new board members.

Briar Rose Schreiber (President)

Briar is a software engineer and community activist. She organizes meet ups and builds technology focused on bringing technical knowledge and opportunities to underprivileged groups. Some of the projects she works on are CryptoParty, RefugeRestrooms, and activist SMS text loops.

Parker Harris Emerson (Secretary)

Parker Harris Emerson loves code almost as much as he loves communities. He is currently getting an MSCS at Portland State University, focusing on databases, machine learning, and transit analytics. In a past life he was a lawyer, but most of those functions have been deprecated.

Ed Groth

Ed Groth has been working with open source software for nearly 20 years, and is a member of the Linux, Python, and Clojure communities. He fell in love with the inclusive and friendly environment of bar camp and open source bridge and has been hooked ever since. When not coding, Ed can be found riding his bike to the coast.

Lennon Day-Reynolds

Lennon Day-Reynolds is a Portland native who has worked for startups, non-profits, and established tech companies in Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area since the late 90s. He currently works on product engineering at Stripe and has previously written code and managed teams at Twitter, Urban Airship, Sun Microsystems, Dark Horse Comics, and others.

Outside of work, Lennon was an early member of the Portland Ruby Brigade and has worked on technology outreach, support, and training at the Oregon Bus Project and Reed College.

Elea Chang

Elea is a product designer and community organizer. She thinks about usability, works to improve tech culture, and founded Affect, a conference about the work and design behind social good. When not in front of the computer, Elea might be reading, traveling, or trying to make music.

Thursday Bram

Thursday Bram writes about technology, design, and inclusivity. She organizes PyDX and other events in Portland, Oregon. You can find Thursday online at or



We’re up for a Yelp Grant and need your votes!

YF_Instagram_1080x1080We’re excited to share that Stumptown Syndicate has been nominated for a Yelp Foundation community grant!

The nonprofit with the most votes will receive $5k towards their cause. In our case, that could help with:

  • doubling the speaker travel support budget for OSBridge
  • partnering with Outreachy to hire an intern for Calagator
  • getting us an office and small meeting space

We’re currently in third place right now and could really use your help. You can vote once a day through December 15

Please spread the word and vote. Thank you!