Safety First PDX Office Hours: June 27

Safety First PDX (which operates as a program of Stumptown Syndicate) has held two trainings recently. We’re also holding our second online office hours session on Tuesday, June 27 from 4 PM to 6 PM Pacific.

Safety First PDX is a program to help people create safer and more welcoming communities through good policies and actions. We teach people how to implement and enforce a code of conduct.

This office hours session is focused on answering questions you might have encountered in our trainings or in the communities you organize. Come ask us questions and find out about our workshops and online materials.

Please join us online in our Google Hangout on June 27 at 4 PM!

Give your talk at Open Source Bridge!

It’s your time! Open Source Bridge is an annual 4-day community conference in its ninth year, hosting 500 open source developers, hardware hackers, and community organizers. OSB is well known for being 100% volunteer run and fostering an in-person community in the open source world right here in Portland, OR. And we want you to submit a proposal.

The power of open source software is in the commitment, ambition, and vision of real people working individually and collaboratively to create tools that shape how the future is built — with no strings attached. To cover a variety of ways that power is demonstrated, we aim to provide an innovative track structure at OSB. The 2017 Open Source Bridge tracks are:

  • Activism | Demonstrate how you’re making change
  • Culture | What makes open technology and culture communities effective?
  • Hacks | It doesn’t have to be elegant, it just has to work 😉
  • Practice | How do you get a project to work
  • Theory | Explain the components of a project and how they interact

While you’re welcome to submit a proposal to speak on anything open source, here are a few topics that we thought would be compelling in 2017.

  • Open source tools for game development
  • Security: tools that make it easier for non-technical audiences to manage their own security / privacy
  • Git for open source, version control, and other tools for working together
  • Fun hardware hacks
  • Information Technology Operations (Devops)
  • The social and physical dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • An introduction to Threat Modeling

See what others have proposed already, for inspiration.

Submit a proposal to be considered to speak at Open Source Bridge this year!

P.S. There’s plenty of other ways to get involved. OSB is 100% volunteer-run, so your help would be 100% appreciated, and 8 hours of volunteering gets you a free ticket to the conference. Let’s meet up at Open Source Bridge 2017!


Open Source Bridge is crowdfunding!

Open Source Bridge does amazing things with very little. Companies running conferences on this scale often need a budget of half a million dollars. We run Open Source Bridge on about twenty percent of that — less than $100K. This tight budget means that every year, we start from scratch on fundraising for the conference.

We cover part of our costs by selling tickets to attendees like you. We also offer sponsorships to organizations wanting to reach Open Source Bridge attendees. We already have a venue and an amazing batch of speakers. But there are other costs of running a conference that are harder to cover through sponsorship. We’re asking for your help to cover those costs and to help us make Open Source Bridge more sustainable.

What Does $8,000 Get Us?

With this campaign, we’re focused on covering some specific costs. If we raise the full $8,000 we’re asking for, we’ll use the money to pay for the following:

  • The Open Source Citizenship Award ($100): We’ll be able to present the Open Source Citizenship Award to a member of the open source community.
  • Honorariums for Our Keynote Speakers ($1,500): We’ll pay our keynote speakers an honorarium for their hard work.
  • Child Care ($3,500): We’ll provide childcare free of charge for all our attendees, in order to make the conference more accessible to parents.
  • Scholarships for Food and Travel ($2,900): In addition to covering the cost of a ticket for scholarship attendees, we’ll provide a stipend to cover the other expenses of coming to Open Source Bridge.

Raising this money for Open Source Bridge also helps us move toward more sustainable funding. As part of preparing for this year’s conference, we’re making things easier to continue to run for years to come. Click here to support OSB!

You can use the discount code “osbgenerosity” until May 20th to get $42 off your OSB16 pass!

New OSB Chairs and 2016 Tickets

After 5 years of building proverbial bridges in the open source community, Reid Beels and Christie Koehler have stepped down as Open Source Bridge Chairs. Please welcome Thursday Bram and Shawna Scott, our co-chairs for 2016!

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram writes about technology, design, and inclusivity. She organizes PyDX and other events in Portland, Oregon. You can find Thursday online at or @thursdayb.

Shawna Scott
Shawna is a software engineer in Portland, Oregon. She works at 38 Zeros in Ruby on Rails and to increase empathy through software. Shawna strives toward social justice and creating spaces and communities that are affirming and accessible to all. To that end, she is a member of the Calagator core team, co-organizer for Women Who Hack, and a sometimes-responsible member of the PDX Ruby Brigade anarchist ghost pirate ship.

And: tickets are now available for Open Source Bridge 2016! Get those early bird cheap ones!

Syndicate update: Events, software, finance, and our board

Hi all! Here’s an update on Stumptown Syndicate’s program work, finances, board membership, and upcoming activities.

  • Programs
  • Finances
    • Assets: Stumptown Syndicate currently holds $23,246 in assets. This puts us in a confident position regarding our upcoming event planning, including planning for Open Source Bridge 2015. However, we are interested in growing our revenue stream so as to provide a better buffer and open up possibilities for a wider variety of program work (such as supporting more community-led events). For comparison, our position on Oct 31, 2013 was $26,054.
    • OSBridge: To better understand a facet of our income and spending, check out these OSBridge charts:
      Open Source Bridge 2014 Income (as of Oct 16, 2014)

      OS Bridge 2014 Income (as of Oct 16, 2014)

      Open Source Bridge 2014 Expenses (as of Oct 16, 2014)

      OS Bridge 2014 Expenses (as of Oct 16, 2014)

      As the charts illustrate, the bulk of Open Source Bridge’s expenses are for the venue and for food and drink, and the bulk of revenue comes from its sponsors.

  • Our board
    • Departure: We’d like to thank Melissa Chavez for her longtime service to the Stumptown Syndicate board of directors. She decided to step down in September, but is still helping make Open Source Bridge 2015 happen and contributing to other Stumptown Syndicate events. Thank you Melissa!
    • Currently: With Melissa’s departure, the Stumptown Syndicate board of directors is now Christie Koehler, Kirsten Comandich, and Reid Beels.
  • Upcoming
    • Early days: We’re in the initial planning stages for the next BarCamp Portland and Ignite Portland.
    • OSBridge: Stumptown Syndicate is supporting the planning of next year’s Open Source Bridge, which will be June 23–26, 2015, and is discussing the possibility of adding another OSBridge 2015 in another North American city. You can volunteer now to help with next year’s event.

That’s it for now! To keep up on our events and plans, you can always follow us on Twitter and join our announcement mailing list.

And to support us, please consider becoming a supporting member or sponsoring a program year or an individual event, or volunteering (whether you’re in Portland or not!).

Stumptown Syndicate logo

Ignite videos are up!

In case you missed Ignite Portland in November, you can now watch all the videos of the presenters on our YouTube channel.

If you want to further the conversation about anything you see, tweet at us or use the #ip12 hashtag.

We’d also like to thank all the sponsors of Ignite Portland 12 once again: 32 digital, brytCAST, Hollywood Theatre, Maids by Trade, PDX Pop Now, and Social Venture Society.

  brytCAST  Hollywood Theatre

Maids by Trade  PDX POP NOW  Social Venture Society

If you or your company would like to sponsor any of our events in the future, please contact us at