Donut.js, January 2018 edition

Piece of paper with writing: Donut.js • Tuesday, January 30, 6pm at 30 NW 10th Ave, Alchemy Code Lab • Vanessa White: Project Management 101 with Cats • Ryan McKern: Bash 101: What Are Dot Files? • Matt Haughey: Communication is the Hardest Part

The most donutty meetup in town is back! Join Donut.js on 6pm Tuesday, January 30th at Alchemy Code Lab to start the year off right with three incredible speakers:

  • Vanessa White will be talking about project management and prioritizing from the perspective of a person with an autoimmune disorder.
  • Ryan McKern will take us on a command line journey, through the history of the shell, some demos, and how to make that >_ a little bit less intimidating.
  • Matt Haughey will go deep on the importance of communication and the central role it’s played in the many startups he’s worked at over the last 20 years.

Proceeds this month go to Call to Safety, a Portland organization dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence by providing confidential support services and education to empower our community.

There’ll be name tags, pronoun stickers, donut stickers, donut pins, a posted CoC, physical access lanes, live captioning from Mirabai Knight (StenoKnight), and conversation ideas during the break! D🍩NUTS. Pretzels. Chips. La Croix.

Get your tickets!

Donut.js is now an associated project!

Photograph of two women holding up an inflatable chocolate sprinkled donut, with their heads centered in the donut hole and both smiling at the camera. The text "Donut.js" is overlaid on the photo in the bottom center.As a 501(c)(3), one of Stumptown Syndicate’s goals has always been to support local events through fiscal sponsorship. Today, we’re thrilled to officially welcome Donut.js as a Stumptown Syndicate associated project!

In case you haven’t been to an event yet, Donut.js is a monthly night of tech talks and donuts. Tickets are $10, with proceeds going towards rotating local non-profits (past recipients have included p:ear, Basic Rights Oregon, and ChickTech). Going above and beyond the average tech meet-up, Donut.js also provides live captioning for all their talks, pronoun stickers, and marked physical access lanes.

Want to get involved? Donut.js is always looking for speakers and volunteers. Can’t wait to attend the next event? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 30, 2018 and follow their amazing emoji-filled Twitter account in the meantime!