Guiding Principles

Community is paramount.

Every decision should be made in service to fostering community and increasing the number of positive, productive interactions between participants.

We are a place-based community.

We pay attention to environmental factors and facilitate spaces that foster collaboration and communication. We are mindful of the way the design of community and event spaces affect individuals’ ability to participate.

We value participation.

We engage with all good-faith participation. Participation comes in many forms, and we consider presence to be participation, whether digital or physical.

All participants are subject to the Code of Conduct.

This includes board members, staff, volunteers, and event attendees. We hold ourselves accountable to the same rules regardless of position or experience.

Our participants come from all kinds of backgrounds.

Our community is best when we fully invite and include participants from a wide range of backgrounds. We ask rather than assuming about participants’ characteristics or capabilities, only when it is relevant to do so. We specifically design spaces to be welcoming and accessible to newcomers and folks from underrepresented groups.

We use our resources wisely.

We are fiscally responsible and pragmatic in decisions about how to use our resources, prioritizing the long-term health and sustainability of the organization.

We cultivate playfulness.

Play is essential to learning and to building community. Our events are mature and deliberate, while prioritizing elements of fun and play.

We value the work we do and share it proudly.

We recognize, celebrate and share our successes publicly.

We document early, often, and publicly.

We document what we do as openly as possible so that we develop a long-term institutional memory and body of wisdom. Whenever possible, we make our work product accessible so that others can participate and reuse. We recognize that well-documented processes and clear communication makes for good governance and builds trust in community.

All your community are not belong to us.

We encourage our community and projects to be as self-organizing and self-directing as possible. We recognize and respect that our partner communities have their own needs, practices and culture. If a community develops out of one of our programs and we choose to discontinue that program, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure the community has what it needs to continue.

We make explicit agreements about how we work together.

Explicit agreements are useful for preventing conflict and for working productively when conflict does arise. When starting or changing a program, we will set clear guidelines and expectations. We strive to make clear the roles and responsibilities of board members, staff, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, etc, including when transitioning between roles.

We are committed to ethical action.

We strive to build the strongest partnerships with organizations who share our values. We act lawfully and only take on legal risk in proportion to our community’s needs. We are honest in our speech and action. We value the privacy of our constituents. We choose ethical action above taking the easy path.