Board of Directors

Reid Beels, Treasurer

Reid writes code, dyes pixels by hand, takes photos, and thinks a lot about how things ought to work. He’s rather fond of bringing enthusiastic, awesome, people together to share knowledge and solve problems.

Reid joined the board in December 2010 as co-founder.

Elea Chang, President

Elea is a user experience designer turned community organizer. She thinks about accessibility all the time and founded Affect, a 2-day social change conference here in Portland. Things Elea loves include furry animals, karaoke, and interrobangs.

Elea joined the board in December 2015.

Toby Fee

Toby is a self-taught web developer who enjoys hardware hacking and carpentry in his free time. Imported from California at the age of 9, he loves Portland and bikes its streets every snow-free day of the year. He has two children.

Toby joined the board in March 2018.

Gaba Rodriguez Beron

Gabriela Rodriguez Beron grew up in Uruguay before moving to the US and has been a software engineer for almost 20 years. Gaba founded DATA, an open data non-profit in South America, and currently works with the Coral Project, building tools and guides to improve community spaces around journalism online. She also contributes to Systerserver and facilitates the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. Gaba is a feminist, activist, and mom to two kids.

Gaba joined the board in December 2016.

Courtney Stanton, Operations Lead

Courtney is a writer and manager at Feel Train, a creative technology cooperative. He also co-hosts a podcast, JoJo’s Bizarre Explainer, where he talks a lot about anime and gay feelings. He’s never quite gotten over the death of Google Reader.

Courtney joined the board in March 2018.