New year, new board members (part 2)

Following up on our call for new board members, Stumptown Syndicate is happily welcoming 2 new directors to the board. Our bylaws have recently been updated so that board terms are now one year instead of three, with everyone having the option to renew their term continuously.

Without further ado, meet Courtney Stanton and Toby Fee!

Courtney Stanton
Courtney is a writer and manager at Feel Train, a creative technology cooperative. He also co-hosts a podcast, JoJo’s Bizarre Explainer, where he talks a lot about anime and gay feelings. He’s never quite gotten over the death of Google Reader.

Toby Fee
Toby is a self-taught web developer who enjoys hardware hacking and carpentry in his free time. Imported from California at the age of 9, he loves Portland and bikes its streets every snow-free day of the year. He has two children.

Elea Chang, Gaba Rodriguez Beron, and Reid Beels will remain on the board, while Thursday Bram is stepping back from Stumptown Syndicate after 2+ years. As Thursday was originally this year’s President, the Syndicate held a special election to reassign officer roles. Elea Chang is now returning as President while Courtney Stanton is the Syndicate’s new Operations Lead.

During her term, Thursday served as the 2016 Open Source Bridge co-chair, the 2017 Open Source Bridge sponsorship coordinator, and as mentioned before, Board President. We’re sad to say goodbye, but grateful for Thursday’s time and energy, so: thank you Thursday!