New year, new board members (part 1)

To kick off 2018, Stumptown Syndicate is looking for at least two new directors to join the board. Read on for details and apply by 11:59pm Pacific on February 16, 2018!

About Stumptown Syndicate

Stumptown Syndicate’s mission is to cultivate a resilient and sustainable ecosystem of diverse and inclusive technology communities.


  • facilitate the sharing of resources and knowledge
  • build and support experience-based education through talks, workshops, and other events in the Pacific Northwest
  • empower communities to actively engage new learners, experienced members, and everyone else who wants to participate

Our decision-making is also informed by some guiding principles.

Current program activities include events (Open Source Bridge, Ignite Portland and WhereCampPDX), resource development (Safety First PDX and the Citizen Code of Conduct), and fiscal sponsorship (Donut.js).

Future planned activities include developing more community partnerships, expanding our fiscal sponsorship program, expanding training materials and offerings, and more!

Board qualifications

We welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds. People of color and marginalized folks are encouraged to apply. New directors should be within commuting distance of Portland, Oregon.

Prior non-profit experience is helpful, but not required for being a Syndicate director, as we can provide training to get you up to speed. Please apply if you’re interested in furthering our mission even if you don’t think you know enough about running a non-profit.

Serving on a non-profit board in Oregon comes with certain legal obligations, a good overview of which can be found at Oregon’s Attorney General website page about non-profit board service.

Board member responsibilities

  • Participates actively in running the organization, including frequent and timely communication with other board members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the organization with knowledge of its mission, history, policies, and programs.
  • Does their best to attend each board meeting, with the understanding that three consecutive unexcused absences will be considered resignation from the board. The board meets 12 times per year, plus one annual retreat. Board meetings may be attended remotely by special arrangement.
  • Accepts fiduciary responsibility for the organization and oversee its financial health and integrity.
  • Provides oversight to ensure that the organization is meeting its mission and running programs effectively.
  • Accepts ethical responsibility and holds fellow board members and the full staff to professional standards.
  • Engages in fundraising to ensure that the organization has the resources it needs to meet its mission.
  • Makes final decisions with the rest of the board on policies related mission, programs, finances, personnel, and public relations.

What to expect

  • A full board orientation, including background information on work accomplished to date
  • Board meetings once a month in Portland that are focused on discussion and decision-making, with agendas distributed in advance
  • Timely, accurate, and complete financial statements to be distributed at least quarterly
  • Ability to choose from a range of fundraising activities
  • Training as needed to fulfill board obligations
  • A yearly retreat
  • Monthly board dinners focused on getting to know and support each other (rather than board work)

What is the time commitment?

Directors can expect to spend an average of 3-5 hours a week on Syndicate business, including time spent via Slack and email.

The term length for directors has been 3 years in the past, but is currently under review. We do expect that new board members be able to commit for at least a year.

What is the compensation?

Board members are volunteers and are not compensated. Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed (e.g., childcare, transportation, meals, approved training).

Are there any perks to being a Syndicate Director?

Fame and vast opportunities for wealth! Just kidding. There is a certain visibility to being a Director, but the biggest reason for serving is that you get to help make the Portland tech community (and beyond) better and more vibrant.

Why would I want to join Stumptown Syndicate’s board?

Some specific reasons to apply:

  • You’ve attended one of our events and want to help these type of events continue.
  • You’d like to make the community even more welcoming and supportive by improving safety, diversity, and inclusion.
  • You’d like to see Calagator or our other tools improve and thrive. Or maybe you have an idea for developing a new resource?
  • You’d like to help us figure out how to fundraise to help Stumptown Syndicate become more sustainable and expand our community impact.

Do you carry Directors & Officers insurance?

Yes, we do.

Additionally, as a volunteer board member of an Oregon non-profit, you have “qualified immunity,” as explained by the Attorney General:

To encourage citizens to serve as board members for charities, the law cloaks volunteer board members with qualified immunity. They cannot be sued for negligent acts. They may, however, be subject to lawsuits alleging that a loss was due to their gross negligence, willful or fraudulent acts.

Read more about serving on an Oregon non-profit board here.

How to apply

Please apply by 11:59pm Pacific on February 16, 2018:

Questions? Email the board: We can’t wait to hear from you!