The 2017 recap

Over the course of 2017, Stumptown Syndicate:

  • hosted Open Source Bridge
  • sponsored the Innovate and Advocate Summit during Portland Startup Week
  • launched office hours with Safety First PDX
  • developed our fiscal sponsorship program
  • prioritized working with vendors whose mission matches our own (including moving our servers to Riseup)
  • supported meetups, events, and projects across Portland

Open Source Bridge
We’ll let the speakers, attendees and volunteers tell you about this year’s event. Here’s a sampling of the write-ups from OSB 2017:

This year’s Open Source Citizenship Award winner, Heidi Waterhouse, also blogged about her experience.

Safety First PDX
Stumptown Syndicate has a long tradition of working on resources to improve community safety, like the Citizen Code of Conduct. Our Safety First PDX program has taken on the process of continuing that work. In 2017, Safety First PDX conducted 3 trainings, covering the implementation of codes of conduct, incident response plans, and other strategies for improving community safety.

We also launched online office hours, where we’ve provided informal support to communities working on community safety questions.

Fiscal Sponsorship Program
Stumptown Syndicate has been building a fiscal sponsorship program, helping Portland communities with their administration, fundraising, and other operational needs.

We’re excited to be working with Donut.js (you can read more about them here!). We’re taking details like insurance and financial management off the organizers’ plates so they can focus on running great events.

And, by the way, you too can ask Stumptown Syndicate for fiscal sponsorship for your project.

Catching Up with Board Business
To ensure fair divisions of labor, Stumptown Syndicate limits officer positions on the board to one-year terms. This means we have some changes in the coming year, with Thursday Bram stepping up as Stumptown Syndicate’s latest President.

Photo of Stumptown Syndicate's 5 board members standing in front of a covered bridge in Vida, Oregon. Left to right: Reid Beels, Gabriela Rodriguez Beron, Elea Chang, Thursday Bram, and Sara Jensen
The 2017 Stumptown Syndicate board retreat

The Stumptown Syndicate board for 2018 is:

Thursday Bram, President
Elea Chang, Operations Lead
Gaba Rodriguez Beron, Director
Reid Beels, Director

While we’re all excited to work on these projects, 2017 has been a rough year for a lot of people. Our board is no exception. Three of our board members resigned over the course of the year for personal reasons. We support them for doing so—sometimes you need to put on your own oxygen mask first. As a result of these changes, we’re working to bolster Stumptown Syndicate as a more flexible and resilient organization.

We’re now prioritizing checking in with each other, not just to make Stumptown Syndicate a more supportive org, but because we care about each other as humans. As part of that, we’ve established a new board practice of having dinner together once a month, with a focus on each other rather than Stumptown Syndicate’s work.

We will be opening applications for new board members soon and have several volunteer roles available if you’d like to work on some of these projects with us!

Our Plans for 2018
For 2018, Stumptown Syndicate is expanding our efforts to support Portland’s ecosystem of technology communities, including these projects.

  • Growing our fiscal sponsorship program! Stumptown Syndicate will have some upcoming announcements about additional offerings for community events, so stay tuned.
  • Expanding Safety First PDX’s code of conduct and incident response resources, as well as offering more training options!
  • Hosting the 10th Open Source Bridge! We’re definitely ordering a cake, so you’ll want to be there.
  • Celebrating Calagator’s 10th anniversary! Excuse me, we’ll be ordering two cakes. We’re really going to need some help blowing out all these candles!
  • Developing more community partnerships! Stumptown Syndicate will be working with several new Portland partners in the upcoming year!
  • Redesigning our website! It’s about time, wouldn’t you agree?

To start strong in 2018, we need your support.

Your donations will help Stumptown Syndicate continue promoting and expanding the growth of Portland’s technology communities. In order to fund our early 2018 work, we need to raise $5,000 before the end of this year.

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