Give your talk at Open Source Bridge!

It’s your time! Open Source Bridge is an annual 4-day community conference in its ninth year, hosting 500 open source developers, hardware hackers, and community organizers. OSB is well known for being 100% volunteer run and fostering an in-person community in the open source world right here in Portland, OR. And we want you to submit a proposal.

The power of open source software is in the commitment, ambition, and vision of real people working individually and collaboratively to create tools that shape how the future is built — with no strings attached. To cover a variety of ways that power is demonstrated, we aim to provide an innovative track structure at OSB. The 2017 Open Source Bridge tracks are:

  • Activism | Demonstrate how you’re making change
  • Culture | What makes open technology and culture communities effective?
  • Hacks | It doesn’t have to be elegant, it just has to work 😉
  • Practice | How do you get a project to work
  • Theory | Explain the components of a project and how they interact

While you’re welcome to submit a proposal to speak on anything open source, here are a few topics that we thought would be compelling in 2017.

  • Open source tools for game development
  • Security: tools that make it easier for non-technical audiences to manage their own security / privacy
  • Git for open source, version control, and other tools for working together
  • Fun hardware hacks
  • Information Technology Operations (Devops)
  • The social and physical dangers of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • An introduction to Threat Modeling

See what others have proposed already, for inspiration.

Submit a proposal to be considered to speak at Open Source Bridge this year!

P.S. There’s plenty of other ways to get involved. OSB is 100% volunteer-run, so your help would be 100% appreciated, and 8 hours of volunteering gets you a free ticket to the conference. Let’s meet up at Open Source Bridge 2017!