Sara Jensen and Gaba Rodriguez Beron join the board

In October, we put out a call for new Stumptown Syndicate board members and were impressed by the caliber of applicants. Thank you to everyone who responded!

We’re now thrilled to welcome two additions to the board: Sara Jensen and Gaba Rodriguez Beron.

Sara Jensen (Secretary)
Sara Jensen is a newly minted developer and Epicodus alumni who’s currently participating in the Fall/Winter Hack Oregon program as a Design Lead on the Portland Homelessness Team. Through February 2017, she will have interned with Premise Data. Previously, Sara worked in Quality Assurance and Tech Support for She enjoys Android development, planning and retrospecting for social good.

Gaba Rodriguez Beron
Gabriela Rodriguez Beron grew up in Uruguay before moving to the US and has been a software engineer for almost 20 years. Gaba founded DATA, an open data non-profit in South America, and currently works with the Coral Project, building tools and guides to improve community spaces around journalism online. She also contributes to Systerserver and facilitates the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. Gaba is a feminist, activist, and mom to two kids.

Thursday Bram, Elea Chang, Ed Groth, and Briar Rose Schreiber will continue serving the remaining two years of their term, while Syndicate co-founder Reid Beels embarked on another three-year term. Elea has been elected as this year’s President.

Meanwhile, Christie Koehler completed her last three-year term and is stepping back for a much-deserved break. Besides co-founding Stumptown Syndicate in 2010, Christie also served as President, Treasurer, OSB chair, and countless other positions over the years. We are hugely grateful for all her incredible work and say with giant emphasis: thank you.