Presenting Safety First PDX!

Stumptown Syndicate is excited to announce a new program: Safety First PDX! Safety First is designed to help people better understand Codes of Conduct, from what they are, to why they’re needed, and how they’re enforced.

We’re planning to hold at least four community training sessions in the Portland area this year. We’re also creating an online resource to share our educational materials at

Want to be involved?

To run Safety First PDX, we’ll need venues, workshop trainers, and a small team to develop the curriculum. The cost of running the program in 2016 will be approximately $75,000. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please reach out to us at

We also need volunteers to write documentation, plan training events, and work on our program website. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch.

If you want to know when the first training will be held or stay in the loop with other program announcements, sign up for our mailing list.

Our hope is that Safety First sparks similar initiatives in other communities through this work. We’d love to have your support in making Portland a more inclusive tech and maker community.