Welcome 2016 Board of Directors

At the end of November, we held elections for our Board of Directors. We received an overwhelming number of excellent applications; thank you to everyone who applied!

We’re pleased to announce the following new Stumptown Syndicate board members, who have committed to serving three-year terms: Briar Rose Schreiber, Parker Harris Emerson, Ed Groth, Lennon Day-Reynolds, Elea Chang, and Thursday Bram.

Christie Koehler and Reid Beels will continue serving the remainder of their three-year terms.

Kirsten Comandich completed her three-year term and is taking a break from board service. We’re hugely thankful for her dedicated service for these last several years, including as Treasurer and Secretary.

Chuck Lauer Vose stepped down from the board late last year to concentrate on other things. Thanks also to Chuck for his service!

Read on to learn more about our new board members.

Briar Rose Schreiber (President)

Briar is a software engineer and community activist. She organizes meet ups and builds technology focused on bringing technical knowledge and opportunities to underprivileged groups. Some of the projects she works on are CryptoParty, RefugeRestrooms, and activist SMS text loops.

Parker Harris Emerson (Secretary)

Parker Harris Emerson loves code almost as much as he loves communities. He is currently getting an MSCS at Portland State University, focusing on databases, machine learning, and transit analytics. In a past life he was a lawyer, but most of those functions have been deprecated.

Ed Groth

Ed Groth has been working with open source software for nearly 20 years, and is a member of the Linux, Python, and Clojure communities. He fell in love with the inclusive and friendly environment of bar camp and open source bridge and has been hooked ever since. When not coding, Ed can be found riding his bike to the coast.

Lennon Day-Reynolds

Lennon Day-Reynolds is a Portland native who has worked for startups, non-profits, and established tech companies in Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area since the late 90s. He currently works on product engineering at Stripe and has previously written code and managed teams at Twitter, Urban Airship, Sun Microsystems, Dark Horse Comics, and others.

Outside of work, Lennon was an early member of the Portland Ruby Brigade and has worked on technology outreach, support, and training at the Oregon Bus Project and Reed College.

Elea Chang

Elea is a product designer and community organizer. She thinks about usability, works to improve tech culture, and founded Affect, a conference about the work and design behind social good. When not in front of the computer, Elea might be reading, traveling, or trying to make music.

Thursday Bram

Thursday Bram writes about technology, design, and inclusivity. She organizes PyDX and other events in Portland, Oregon. You can find Thursday online at www.thursdaybram.com or twitter.com/thursdayb.



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